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Mozilla firefox 4.0 Beta RC 1 dan 3.6.15

Mozilla firefox adalah sebuah aplikasi browser yang sangat terkenal dalam hal kemanan kecepatan dan pengolahan situs semua memang sudah melebihi kinerja internet explorer begitu juga dengan pengembangan browser yang terus di tingkatkan oleh perusahaannya menjadikan browser ini ada pilihan no 1 saat memilih browser untuk melihat lengkap semua teknologinya silakan


Super Speed

Fasten your seatbelt: Firefox now includes the TraceMonkey JavaScript engine, which gives the browser dramatically better performance than ever before. Firefox has always been fast, but this is the fastest Firefox ever (more than three times as fast as Firefox 3 and 20% faster than Firefox 3.5), meaning Web applications like email, photo sites, online word processors and more will feel snappier and more responsive.

Smaller Memory Footprint

Short and sweet, Firefox uses less of your computer’s memory while it’s running.

Faster Page Load

A redesigned page rendering and layout engine means you see Web pages faster—and in the way they were meant to be seen.

Real World Performance

Having a super fast JavaScript engine is definitely important, but since those changes are often measured in milliseconds sometimes what matters even more is the way the browser feels when you’re actually using it. That’s why we’re constantly optimizing Firefox to be great for the way you use the web – things like making new tabs open up more quickly, or having the Awesome Bar provide results even faster. In the end, it’s about getting you where you need to go as quickly and easily as possible.

Memory Management

With a new management function in place, Firefox keeps memory usage under control. The XPCOM cycle collector continuously cleans up unused memory. Plus, hundreds of memory leaks have been remedied.

Firefox Performance: Fast — Faster — Fastest

Results of a SunSpider test on a Windows 7 machine
Firefox 2, Firefox 3, Firefox 3.5 performance chart
  • Fast 3,198 ms
  • Faster 1,188 ms
  • Fastest 995 ms!

Crash Protection

Firefox provides uninterrupted browsing for Windows and Linux users when there is a crash in the Adobe Flash, Apple Quicktime or Microsoft Silverlight plugins. If one of these commonly-used plugins crashes or freezes, it won't affect the rest of Firefox. Instead, you can simply reload the page to restart the plugin and try again.

Download file | Ver 3.6.13
Download file | Ver 3.6.14
Download file | Ver 3.6.15

The Web is all about innovation, and Firefox sets the pace with dozens of new features to deliver a faster, more secure and customizable Web browsing experience for all.
User Experience. The enhancements to Firefox provide the best possible browsing experience on the Web. The new Firefox smart location bar, affectionately known as the "Awesome Bar," learns as people use it, adapting to user preferences and offering better fitting matches over time.
Performance. Firefox is built on top of the powerful new Gecko platform, resulting in a safer, easier to use and more personal product.
Security. Firefox raises the bar for security. The new malware and phishing protection helps protect from viruses, worms, trojans and spyware to keep people safe on the Web.
Customization. Everyone uses the Web differently, and Firefox lets users customize their browser with more than 5,000 add-ons.

Download file | Ver 4.0 beta 10
Download file | Ver 4.0 beta 11 Pass: www.legend-aplikasi.blogspot.com
Download file | Ver 4.0 beta 12
Download file | Ver 4.0 RC 1

Update ver 4.0 RC 1
* General stability, performance, and compatibility improvements.

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